Belfast Cathedral

In a previous post I said that most photographs of Writers’ Square are taken with St. Anne’s Cathedral in the background. This is a photograph of the Cathedral without Writers’ Square in the foreground.

Photographing the Cathedral from the Square gives a straight on front view. There is no parking permitted in front of the church but parking is allowed on the opposite side of the street. This, along with one or two streetlamps on that side, makes for a messy image.

St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast, Belfast Cathedral
St. Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast, Belfast Cathedral


This photograph was taken from the side of the Cathedral with a 24mm equivalent lens. I was able to stand on the road and although there is some distortion it gives an uninterrupted view. The bright winter sunshine warmed the stone, revealing the texture. I returned a couple of hours later but the sun was lower in the sky and the buildings at the rear of Writers’ Square are casting a shadow on the Cathedral.

I had intended to convert this image to black and white (I still do) but I haven’t been able to get it just right so far. When I get it right I’ll post it.

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