The DIY Route

Since leaving Photoshelter I’ve been looking at similar but less comprehensive, less expensive alternatives.

I tried Lightrocket and at first thought it would be a reasonably good fit. Unfortunately it wasn’t.

I’ve looked at both Smugmug and Zenfolio. Zenfolio is around the same cost as Photoshelter for what I would want, while Smugmug is cheaper.

Thinking on the inconvenience and the time spent when I withdrew from Photoshelter I’ve decided to regain control and attempt to administer my own site.

To do this while keeping it simple I’m thinking of using WordPress. I’ve looked at a few photographer’s sites based on it and I’m impressed.

The DIY routeĀ  is a lot less expensive and the site will have that independent feelĀ that sites on Smugmug/Zenfolio or others never seem to manage.

It looks like this site is going to be a work in progress for longer than I originally thought!

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