Some time ago I read the opening to a new photography site where the first line posed the question, “Does the world need another photography site?”. The answer was probably not, but the site was published anyway. Well this is another one.

Have no Plans, Sounds like a Plan on brick wall

In recent times there’s been an explosion in the number of photographs produced. We can put this down to the camera phone and whatever your feelings about it, taking pictures is now more popular than ever.

Who thought of putting a camera into a phone? They could have put a laser pointer, a spirit level, maybe a laser distance measure into it, but no. Someone thought – let’s put a camera into that phone! And when the camera phone met the Internet…..

A few years ago friends passed around prints received from the chemist. Now they pass their mobile phone around and rarely get photographs printed.

I sometimes take pictures with my mobile phone. I love being able to have a camera with me all the time, but I usually use a proper camera. I was going to write that all the images on this site have been made with a camera but thought I better not. Who knows what the future holds?

Now, welcome to my site. Thank you for taking the time to visit. As all such sites, it is destined to be always a work in progress and I will frequently update with fresh images so please call again.

Titanic Building with Former Harland and Wolff Drawing Offices
Titanic Building with Former Harland and Wolff Drawing Offices