Oh Buoy

While trawling through old hard drives I found this photograph of the Belfast Buoys on their original site in Cathedral Gardens, or as I believed at the time – the grounds of the Ulster University.

Regeneration of the area around the University saw the buoys moved to the Abercorn Basin in Titanic Quarter, via DunLaoghaire for restoration in January 2019. They arrived back in Belfast in time for the Maritime Festival.

I’m fairly sure I have a photograph of them on their new site. If I haven’t I’ll get one.

The difficulty is capturing surprise on film

Women Demand Better rally, Belfast, Northern Ireland

The title is a quote from F. Murray Abraham.

This image is from a Women Demand Better protest rally in Belfast on 29 October. Everyone seemed in good spirits although it was one of those miserable rain all day days with rain interspersed with periods of light drizzle. The days you don’t realise how wet you got until you get back to the car or go in for a cup of coffee and find you’re sitting in a pool of water.

McLaren reflections


A couple of weeks ago I came across this McLaren parked under some trees at Lagan House. It’s an impressive car.

Viewers will quickly note the reflections, primarily on the windscreen, but also on the bonnet. A polariser filter would have prevented most of these reflections and I always have one with me but this time when I reached into my bag I couldn’t find it. I had been using another bag over the previous few days and assumed I had forgotten to transfer the filter over so I took the picture and moved on. I later found I had transferred the filter over and it had been hiding under a divider in the bag. Not finding it left me more annoyed than when I thought I had forgotten it.