It often rains in January and and its usually cold. I think I’ve said it before that I don’t remember anyone ever telling me they came to Ireland for the weather.

Last week I had an appointment in Belfast and with some time to kill had a walk around the city centre. It was raining – that light drizzle that soaks you without you realising it until its too late. There were more people about than I expected on such a day, perhaps drawn by the New Year sales

What I was surprised to see were people, obviously visitors to the city, posing and and taking pictures at the Big Fish.

Shortly afterwards I came across a walking tour preparing to set off from the city hall and I saw another couple of walking tours as I wandered around.

Belfast suffered badly during “The troubles” with few tourists in the height of summer, never mind January. To people that remember those times these visitors bring a sense of normality.

Good to see.

A walking tour prepares to set off from the City Hall
A walking tour prepares to set off from the city hall