New lens

Trying out the Panasonic 20mm 1.7 lens by photographing the Salmon of Knowledge or ‘Big Fish’ at Donegall Quay.

Although new to me the lens was bought second hand from MPB. This is the second lens I’ve bought from them and they’ve both been fine. They seem to grade their stock modestly as both lenses I bought were described as ‘Excellent’ but were unmarked as far as I can see.

The Big Fish
Big Fish, Belfast

This image was taken at f2 at 1/6400 iso 200.


It often rains in January and and its usually cold. I think I’ve said it before that I don’t remember anyone ever telling me they came to Ireland for the weather.

Last week I had an appointment in Belfast and with some time to kill had a walk around the city centre. It was raining – that light drizzle that soaks you without you realising it until its too late. There were more people about than I expected on such a day, perhaps drawn by the New Year sales

What I was surprised to see were people, obviously visitors to the city, posing and and taking pictures at the Big Fish.

Shortly afterwards I came across a walking tour preparing to set off from the city hall and I saw another couple of walking tours as I wandered around.

Belfast suffered badly during “The troubles” with few tourists in the height of summer, never mind January. To people that remember those times these visitors bring a sense of normality.

Good to see.

A walking tour prepares to set off from the City Hall
A walking tour prepares to set off from the city hall