In the Garden

Lock down continues as does the good weather and fortunately the weather has been very good with near constant sunshine. People are usually happier when the sun is out and Its a lot nicer going for walks when its sunny.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the garden generally tidying things up and doing those little jobs that you don’t seem to get round to in normal times. A few years ago we removed the flowerbeds and now just have grass. We place pots around the garden with plants or flowers in them to add some interest and colour. With no flowerbeds gardening is a lot less work and you can easily change the look of the place by moving the plant pots around. It was all my wife, Rosemarie’s idea. She’s in charge of the garden.

Plant pots on grass. Garden in the Spring
Plant pots being prepared on grass.

We have a garden shed and a summer house and some wooden fences all needing stained. I’ve given the garden shed and the back fence a coat so far. They’ll need a second coat. The summerhouse and two other fences have yet to be done. The summer house is really just an upmarket shed but it has lots glass and a small porch area with handrails which make it time consuming to stain. I’ve been told that painting is therapeutic but I’m not convinced.

I suppose its sensible to get all the work done during lock down have free time when its lifted and we can get out and about again.

Our neighbour has a blossom tree in their back garden and in the morning when I wake I pull the curtains to see what the day is like. I have a clear view of the tree and in March I see the buds coming out. In no time at all it’s blossoming and that’s when I feel Spring has arrived. I’ve been spending some time photographing the petals in the garden and on the summerhouse.

It was reported on the news this evening that the restrictions were to last another three weeks but there is talk now of an exit strategy so things are looking up.

Bill in the garden
Bill in the garden

Ben at the summerhouse
Ben at the summer house. Garden in the Spring
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