The way forward?

I haven’t posted for a while.

I had originally intended that this would be the final post on but as the changes I had to make were more far reaching than I had hoped I decided to do an edit and make it the first post here.

I’ve made some changes that will impact on the operation of my previous site, the main issue being cancellation of my Photoshelter subscription. This means that links from the site to images or galleries on Photoshelter no longer work. Photoshelter is an excellent service but more than I needed.

There was no way, that I could think of, to fix this without spending considerably more time and effort than I can justify just now and the thought of a new start with a new site also appealed. So here we are!

I’m in the process of moving images from Photoshelter to somewhere else. I’m looking at options and although Smugmug looks good I haven’t decided yet.

I still submit most images to Alamy and some to Age. Recently I’ve started to submit photographs to Picfair, mainly prompted by their royalty commissions and ease of uploading. They allow you to set your own prices and add 20% commission. I haven’t made any sales yet but it’s very much early days and a company that gives the photographer most of any image royalty received deserves support. I also sell prints from Fine Art America.

I’m looking at adding other outlets as people more knowledgeable than me advise selling through as many sites as possible.

I hope be able, to some degree, to index or connect my images Fine Art America and wherever else I decide to this site. For me it’s a daunting task. I’m in the process of researching and planning it but I’m not sure as yet what way it will develop, if ever. Its something to be worked on during the winter evenings.

I’ve been shooting some video clips and having modest success. As more and more news and information move from print to online delivery and internet speeds increase it seems the sensible thing to do. Its a big change from shooting stills and I’ve had to learn new skills but Its early days and I’m learning as I go. I’ve been encouraged with a few sales.

I was told when I started with video that if I went somewhere intending to shoot video then I would find it difficult to shoot stills. I doubted this and had visions of happily alternating between the two both but I was wrong. I’ve found I usually shoot either one or the other.


My Pixels -Fine Art America site is here.


As usual any advice or opinions will be very gratefully received so please leave a comment below.