Sunny Saturday

Funday, Botanic Gardens
Belfast on a sunny day 13.05.23. Free Fun Day with Bollywood dancing, arts and crafts. In support of Belfast Asian Women’s Academy, one of the Lord Mayor’s charities

Walking around Belfast on a sunny Saturday (yesterday) produced these images. I had walked up towards Queens University and Botanic Gardens and found a free Fun Day in progress at the Gardens. There was Bollywood dancing, arts and crafts and a guy with a bubble machine

Palm House, Botanic Gardens
Palm House, Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens, colourful as always.

Buildings, Bedford Street
Belfast Buildings, Bedford Street

I posted a photograph a short time ago of The Grand Central Hotel in Bedford Street taken with my iPhone. This is another one taken just a bit further up the street.

Writers' Square looking towards St. Annes Cathedral
Writers’ Square looking towards St. Anne’s Cathedral

This image of Writers’ Square, again taken with the wide angle lens on my phone.

I’ve found my phone is fine for grabbing quick images and they look good, very good even, on the small screen. When moved onto the computer with a large screen however they don’t look quite so good. Having said that, I’m fairly sure these images would meet the quality standard required for many uses.