It has been more than twenty years since my last stay in Edinburgh. A couple of years ago, I spent an afternoon there while on a bus trip but that was really just a walk up and down Princes Street and then time to go.  

On my previous visits, when I stayed in the city, I had travelled by car. This time I flew. Easyjet from Belfast – I hadn’t realised it takes only about 25 minutes.

In Edinburgh there’s a tram service every seven minutes from the airport to the city centre. It takes about half an hour. Convenient and stress free.

I enjoy walking around any city I visit, immersing myself in the atmosphere, gaining a sense of the place and of course taking photographs. In Edinburgh The Old Town, with its cobbled streets and narrow alleys project a sense of history and charm, while the shops, cafes and bars in and around Princes Street in the New Town offer a more modern vibe.

I shot a lot more clips than photographs but here are some pics.

The Whisky Trail, Edinburgh
Bread Street
Celtic Craft Centre
Paisley Close
Clock, Old Town
Old Tolbooth Wynd

Hop On, Hop Off

Last week I was in Scotland and spent a day in Edinburgh. It’s a beautiful city with plenty of sights, friendly people and things to do.There’s even a Tesla showroom!

Walking on Princes Street I photographed one of the City Sightseeing Tour buses with Jenners Department Store in the background. I would’ve liked to have taken the tour but I didn’t have time and to be honest it was a bit windy for an open topped bus.

It was only when I got home and was editing the photographs that I remembered that only the previous week I had photographed a City Sightseeing Tour bus in Belfast with the Albert Memorial Clock in the background. A Tale of Two Cities?


Edinburgh Tour Bus, Princes Street, Edinburgh



A Belfast Hop On, Hop Off tour bus approaches the Albert Memorial Clock