Mods and Sods

Mods and Sods Scooter Club Easter Egg Run
The Mods and Sods arrive at Custom House Square

This photograph is of scooter riders gathering in Custom House Square for the 25th Anniversary of The Belfast Easter Egg Scooter Run in aid of The Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children. Organised by the Mods and Sods Scooter Club, this is a yearly event with each participant bringing at least one Easter Egg which they deliver to the hospital.

This year the riders couldn’t deliver the eggs because of visitor restrictions at the hospital so staff organised collection ( You can just see the van in the background).

The scooter run consisted of a ten mile spin around Greater Belfast, returning to Custom House Square.

There is a collection and an evening function with proceeds going to the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

Charity scooter runs don’t organise themselves and scooters don’t ride ten miles around Belfast on a busy Saturday afternoon by themselves. These events always take a lot more organising and effort than most people realise and let’s be honest, you could just spend the afternoon in the pub watching football.

The effort to aid ill children is an exceptionally noble endeavour and the Mods and Sods Scooter Club deserve a sincere and heartfelt expression of gratitude from all of us.