Rain is Coming

Yesterday morning it was warm and sunny and I went for a walk along the Marina. There’s what you could describe as a viewing area at the end giving a view across the lough with Eisenhower Pier in the foreground.

On this occasion as well as a view of the pier I got a view of rain rushing over the lough towards me.

I didn’t make it back to the car in time.

Sunset Perspective

I took these pictures standing near the Lifeboat Station at the bottom of Eisenhower Pier, Bangor.

The yacht in the far distance is Kaos, owned by Walmart heiress, Nancy Walton Laurie. It is worth £241 million, £275 million or $300 million, depending where you read it. Whatever figure is correct, it is a beautiful yacht.

The question to be asked is – would I have rather watched the sunset from the deck of a $300 million superyacht or standing near the Lifeboat Station at the bottom of Eisenhower Pier?

Answers on a postcard …….

Bangor by the Sea

Ballyholme, Bangor

Ballyholme Bay, Bangor, is known for its sandy beach and promenade. It’s a popular destination for dog walkers, joggers and people just out for a stroll. The usually calm water is a popular spot for water sports enthusiasts, particularly for windsurfing and sailing.

The photograph above was taken with an iPhone 8, which I think is about five years old. I’ve reduced the highlights slightly in Lightroom but that’s all.

Meteorological Spring

Ballyholme Beach
Ballyholme Beach

Meteorological Spring starts today, 1st March. At 7.5C with a cold wind it didn’t feel like Spring but to mark the occasion I went to Ballyholme for a walk on the beach and of course brought a camera. I shot some video clips but as always, remembering this site I got some still images as well.

I was glad to get back to the car. On the beach 7.5C with a cold wind wipes any thoughts of Spring from your mind.

Pickie to Pier

Pickie to Pier Swim 2022

The Pickie to Pier swim in Bangor leaves Skippingstone Beach, just past the Pickie play area and finishes at the RNLI launch ramp at the base of Eisenhower Pier. It’s a distance of around 800 metres and about 200 swimmers take part.

After a 30 year lapse the swim was relaunched in 2019. It was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid, but returned in 2021.

This year the swim took place, for the first time in the evening, on Friday, 8 July 2022.

The end in sight

The vaccinations are rolling out as quickly as we could have hoped and in April it’s expected that up to 40000 people a week will be vaccinated. The infection rate is dropping with less people catching the virus and hospital admissions falling.

Our government has published a plan for exiting lockdown and getting back to normal. Anyone familiar with Northern Irish politics will know this should be taken as a positive sign for the future –  they have all managed to agree on something. We are critical of our leaders, often with good reason, but looking at the way some European politicians have acted during the pandemic we should probably try to complain yes in future. That’s as close as I come to commenting on politics.

I’m looking forward to being able to travel again, Not necessarily abroad but just around the country. I was in Carrickfergus recently and it’s the farthest from home I have been for two months or more. Sometimes I still have difficulty believing that this lockdown is actually happening. I know it has all been necessary but governments having power to tell us who we can spend time with and where we can go should always be a concern.

On the photography front my experiments with images from my iPhone continue. I’m not sure if I mentioned it previously but I’ve bought a Gopro so I’m experimenting with that as well. I said previously that I’ve been mostly using Hipstamatic and wouldn’t be distracted with the many other apps available. I should’ve known better. I’ve rediscovered Snapseed. I had installed it on my phone some time ago and forgotten it was there. I continue to send images off but no sales so far. I’m enjoying creating images on my phone so no pressure.

When things get back to normal I’ll probably start shooting some images for stock again but on a more casual basis than in the past.

Ballyholme, Bangor, Northern Ireland DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR0280.JPG

Harland and Wolff Shipyard, Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Royal Hotel, Bangor, Northern Ireland DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR0308.JPG

Eisenhower Pier, Bangor, Northern IrelandDCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR0316.JPG