Another Lock Down Looms

Please Social Distance

In the last post I said that we were in lock down again but it was not quite as strict as the last time. Although accurate at the time things have changed somewhat.

That lock down has been relaxed for a week with cafes, restaurants and bars permitted to open. From 27th November however a more severe lock down is being introduced for two weeks. All non essential retailers will have to close as well as the aforementioned cafes, restaurants and bars.

The business community are not happy, in fact some are livid with the decisions made by the politicians, or perhaps more precisely with the way the politicians are implementing the decisions they have made.

Although I will continue to take images recording the pandemic these are the last I intend to place here unless something momentous happens.

Wash your hands
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, 25 November 2020: People walk past a sign in Donegall Square North reminding the public to Wash Your Hands

Keep Your Distance
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, 25 November 2020: Sign on the ground Donegall Square reminding people to Keep Your Distance. A figure is seen walking out of frame

The Garrick
Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, 25 November 2020: A girl walks past tables stacked outside the Garrick Bar, Chichester Street as lock down looms
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